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Material Requirements Planning(1/1-1/31)

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Jiangsu Tonglin Electric Co., Ltd. (“Tonglin Electric) is a company that is specialized in R&D and manufacturing of PV connection systems (PV module junction boxes, connectors, wiring harnesses, PV soldering ribbons, inverters); PV power stations; electrical equipment (cable trays, bus ducts, switch cabinets); cables & wires; and industrial automation solutions. Tonglin Electric now has more than 1,200 employees, and its annual sales volume in 2017 exceeded RMB 800 million.
Material Requirements Planning (1/1-1/31)
Serial Number Long Material Code Material Name Specification
1 PPO Plastic Particles PX9406P
2 PPE plastic particles 540Z
3 PPE plastic particles 644Z
4 PPO plastic particles V0150B
5 PPE plastic particles PV40Z
6 Nylon (PA66) Plastic Particles FR50
7 Nylon (PA66) Plastic Particles A3XZG5
8 Nylon (PA66) Plastic Particles FR370
9 Nylon (PA66) Plastic Particles A21T4 V 25 BLACK
10 Nylon (PA66) Plastic Particles AT20 V 25 BLACK
11 PC Plastic Particles EXL9330
12 Solvay A50H1 Particles Solvay A50H1 Particles
13 105°C Irradiated Cross-linking Low Smoke Zero Halogen Flame Retardant Polyolefin JD-2-J (Dual Certified) Insulation (Black)
14 105°C Irradiated Cross-linking Low Smoke Zero Halogen Flame Retardant Polyolefin JD-2-H (Dual Certified) Sheath (Black)
15 125°C Irradiated Cross-linking Low Smoke Zero Halogen Flame Retardant Polyolefin JD-2-J-T (TÜV 1500V) Insulation
16 125°C Irradiated Cross-linking Low Smoke Zero Halogen Flame Retardant Polyolefin JD-2-H-T (TÜV 1500V) Sheath (Black)
17 Pouring Sealant Glue A
18 Pouring Sealant Glue B
19 Epoxy Resin Base
20 Epoxy Resin Curing Agent
21 Cable (Black) TÜV Certified (Baohing Electric) H1Z2Z2-K/4mm2 EN1500V 56 Strands/0.285 OD: 6.2
Cable (Black) TÜV Certified (Kibor Wire & Cable) H1Z2Z2-K/4mm2 EN1500V 56 Strands/0.290 (±0.008) OD: 6.3±0.2 (LONGi logo)
PV & H1Z2Z2-K 4.0mm2 OD: 6.2 (After Irradiation) 56*0.285mm Black Sheath
PV & H1Z2Z2-K 4.0mm2 OD: 6.1 (After Irradiation) Exclusive Use for JA Solar
25 Cable (Black) TÜV/UL Dual Certified (HL Technology) 4mm2 TÜV H1Z2Z2-K 1500V & UL 2000V (OD: 6.4±0.2)
26 Cable (Black) TÜV/UL Dual Certified (Xinhongye Wire & Cable) 4mm2 TÜV H1Z2Z2-K 1000V & UL 2000V (OD: 6.4±0.2)
Cable (Black) TÜV/UL Dual Certified (Yonghao Cable) 4mm2 TÜV H1Z2Z2-K 1500V & UL 2000V (OD: 6.4±0.2) 3500m/roll
28 Cable (Black) TÜV/UL Dual Certified (Tonglin Electric) 4mm2 TÜV H1Z2Z2-K 1500V & UL 2000V (OD: 6.4±0.2) (Subcontracted by Yonghao Cable) 3500m/roll
29 EN H1Z2Z2-K TUV 1500V & UL 2000V 4.0mm2 OD: 6.4 (After Irradiation) 56*0.285mm 56*0.285mm
30 Cable (Black) TÜV/UL Dual Certified (Kibor Wire & Cable) H1Z2Z2-K/4mm2 EN 1500V & CSA1000V/2000V 56/(0.290±0.008) OD: 6.4±0.15 (LONGi logo)
31 Connector (Stäubli) MC4 (4mm2 Tray)
32 Connector (Stäubli) MC4 EVO2 I型
33 Connector (Amphenol) H4 (Tray)
34 1.05.020014-0017 Connector (Amphenol) H4 UTX
35 Connector TS4 Purchased by Trinasolar TS4
36 Connector QC4 QC4
37 Connector QC4 (Quick Contact) QC4.10-1500V
38 Connector (Cross-bridged) Exclusive Use for LERRI Solar Middle Ring PV-ZH202B (1500V) (Bulk)
39 Connector (Non-cross-bridged) Except for LERRI Solar Middle Ring PV-ZH202B (1500V) (Bulk)
40 Connector PV-LR4 PV-LR4
41 Diode (PANJIT) (Taping) SB1540LS Axial 158mil (Planar)
42 Diode HY Electronic/Yangjie Technology 15SQ045 Axial 130mil (Planar)
43 Diode (PANJIT) (Strip-type) SB3040DY Surface Mounted 158mil (Planar)
44 Diode (PANJIT) (Strip-type) SB2045DY Surface Mounted 138mil (Planar)
45 Diode (Yangjie Technology) (Strip-type) SB2045DY Surface Mounted 130mil (Planar)
46 Diode (PANJIT) Taping & Tray 20SQ045 (Exclusive Use for JA Solar) Axial 112mil (Grooved)
47 Diode (HY Electronic) 20SQ045 Axial 150mil (Planar)
48 Diode (Yangjie Technology)
49 Diode (Taping) (Yangjie Technology) 20SQ045 Axial 130mil (Grooved)
50 Diode (Taping) (PANJIT) 20SQ045-J Axial 130mil (Grooved)
51 Diode (Taping) (Yangjie Technology) 20SQ045 Axial 130mil (Grooved)
52 Diode (Taping) (PANJIT) 25SQ045 Axial 130mil (Grooved)
53 Diode (Taping) General Use TL2045 Axial 130mil (Grooved)
54 Diode (Taping) TL2045 Axial 130mil (Planar)
55 Diode (Taping) TL2045+ Axial 102mil (Grooved)
56 Diode (HY Electronic) Taping 30THY045 150 Grooved
57 Diode (Yangjie Technology) Taping 30SQ045 150 Grooved (Axial)
58 Diode PANJIT/HY Electronic 30SQ045 150 Grooved
59 Diode HY Electronic (Strip-type) TP3045 Surface Mounted 150 Grooved
60 Diode Module GF3045T Module 130mil Planar
Diode Yangjie Technology/PANJIT GF3045MG Surface Mounted 130mil (Planar)/SB3045DY Surface Mounted 130mil (Planar)
62 Diode (PANJIT) (Strip-type) SB3040DY-Surface Mounted 130 Grooved
63 Chip (SKWR007) 130mil Grooved
64 Diode (HY Electronic) Taping 30TSealing RingHY045 150 GroovedTLSIL50 TL-BOX026-009(BOX026)
65 Diode (HY Electronic) Taping 30TSealing RingHY045 150 GroovedTLSIL75 TL-CABLE01S-009 (Milk White) ID: 7.0
66 Diode (HY Electronic) Taping 30TSealing RingHY045 150 GroovedTLSIL75 TL-CABLE01S-009#4  (Gray) ID: 6.5
67 Diode (HY Electronic) Taping 30TSealing RingHY045 150 GroovedTLSIL75 A1 New Standard-TL-CABLE01-009 (Gray 6.8)
68 TS4 Plug Ф6.9 Seal Ring TLSIL75
30TSealing RingHY045 150 GroovedTLSIL75
69 Diode (HY Electronic) Taping 30TSealing RingHY045 150 GroovedTLSIL75 TL-CABLE01S-009#2  (Milk White ID: 7.5)
70 O-Ring TLSIL50 TL-CABLE01-010
71 TS4 O- Ring Silicone Rubber TLSIL50 TL-TS4-007
72 Solder Wire 1KG/Net Weight ∮1.2  Sn50 Pb50
73 Solder Wire 1KG/Net Weight ∮1.2  Sn63 Pb37
74 Solder Wire 1KG/Net Weight ∮1.8  Sn50 Pb50
75 Solder Wire 1KG/Net Weight ∮1.8  Sn63 Pb37
77 Leaded Cylinder Solder Paste General Use RC-802 Net Weight 250g/Piece Sn63Pb37
78 Lead-free Cylinder Solder Paste General Use RC-805A Net Weight 200g/Piece Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7
79 Leaded High Temperature Solder Paste pb92.5 Sn5 Ag2.5 (500g/Bottle)
80 Self-tapping Screws (304 Stainless Steel) 3*8 (Flat Head)
81 Copper Strip H65 0.8*43
82 Copper Strip H65 0.6*73
83 Copper Strip H65 0.8*84
84 Copper Strip H65 0.8*110
85 Copper Strip H65 0.8*78
86 Copper Strip H65 0.8*90
87 Copper Strip H65 0.8*70
88 Copper Strip H65 0.8*88
89 Copper Strip H65 0.8*62
90 Copper Strip H65 0.8*57
91 Copper Strip H65 0.8*80
92 Copper Strip H65 0.8*40
93 Copper Strip H65 0.5*50
94 Copper Strip H65 0.6*90
95 Copper Strip H65 0.6*94
96 Copper Strip H65 0.6*82
97 Copper Strip H65 0.6*60
98 Copper Strip H65 0.4*20
99 Copper Strip T2Y2 0.3*49
100 Tinned Skein 56 Strands/0.285mm
101 Casing TL-CABLE01 Coil-type TL-CABLE01 Coil-type
102 Plug TL-CABLE01 Coil-type
103 Casing TL-CABLE01 TL-CABLE01 (Bulk)
104 Plug TL-CABLE01 
105 Casing TS4 Plug Bush Red Copper TL-TS4-008
106 Plug TS4 Plug Pin Red Copper TL-TS4-010
107 JA Solar 2nd Generation Standardized Junction Box Conductor (B2 Busway Width: 1mm)


TL-PVJB-JA-002-004 (Brass) H65 (B2 Busway Width: 1mm)
108 Conductor TL-HT (HT-SAAE)


TL-HT001-003-#1#2#3#4 connector (Brass) H70 (CHARTER)
109 Positive & Negative Electrode Label  
110 Positive & Negative Electrode Label O Exclusive Use for Phono Solar Tray
111 Warning Label  
112 Warning Labe General Use Tray
113 Warning Label (1000) No Frame  
114 Warning Label (1200) No Frame  
115 Warning Label (1000) No Frame
116 Warning Label (300) No Frame
117 Warning Label (1100) No Frame
118 Warning Label (1500) No Frame
119 Model Label BOX026  15 D 3
120 Model Label BOX026  15 D 3 P
121 Connector Dust Plug Connector Sealing Plug
122 Plastic Bag Plastic Bag 22*32 (Thickened) (Exclusive Use for 026 Box Lid/Bulk Connector)
123 Plastic Bag 26*32(EG07B Box Lid 30/Bag
124 Plastic Bag 1*0.9m(Length * Width) Opening: 1m
125 Plastic Bag Plastic Bag 24*34 (Thickened) (026 Sealing Ring Box Lid)
30TSealing RingHY045 150 Grooved(Box Lid )
126 Plastic Bag 31.5*40
127 Plastic Bag(For Turnover Box
108*100cm(Anti-static Plastic Bag)
128 Plastic Bag 45.5*50(Single Side 0.14mm
129 Plastic Bag 1*0.9m (Length * Width) Opening: 1m Blue Anti-static Bag Single Side 2s
130 Plastic Bag 30*44(REC-BOX029G 2xF Box 75/Bag) Blue Anti-static Bag Single Side 4s
131 Nylon Cable Tie 3*100(Black)
132 Nylon Cable Tie 3*100 (Yellow)
133 Nylon Cable Tie 3*100(Green)
134   Nylon Cable Tie 3*120(Green)
135 Nylon Cable Tie 3*100(Red)
136 Nylon Cable Tie 3*100(Blue)
137 Nylon Cable Tie 3*100(White)
138 Nylon Cable Tie 3*100(Purple)
139 Nylon Cable Tie 3*120(Purple)
140 Nylon Cable Tie 3*120 (Yellow)
141 Nylon Cable Tie 3*120(White)
142 Nylon Cable Tie 3*120(Blue)
143 Nylon Cable Tie 3*150(Blue)
144 Nylon Cable Tie 3*160(Black)
145 Lohmann Adhesive Tape 9042 60MM*12MM (Thickness: 0.6)
146 Spring Collar TL-CABLE01
147 Spring Collar TL-CABLE01S-004  304 Stainless Steel T0.2
148 TS4 Collar (Spring Collar) Stainless Steel TL-TS4-003
149 Wooden Pallet 1010*890*135mm(Export )
150 Wooden Pallet 1200*800*125mm
151 Wooden Pallet (HT-SAAE) 1000*1200*110mm
152 Wooden Pallet 1010*890*135mm
153 Wooden Pallet 1200*900*125mm For Delivery Use by JA (Xingtai) Solar
154 Carton (Domestic) 500*430*280(Layers )
155 Carton (Export) 500*430*280 Black Lettering (5 Layers)
156 Carton (Export) 500*430*280 Blue Lettering (7 Layers)
157 Carton (Domestic) 500*430*280(5 Layers) Exclusive Use for Trinasolar
158 Carton (Export) 500*430*280 Exclusive Use for Trinasolar Black Lettering (5 Layers)
159 Carton (Export) 500*430*280 Exclusive Use for Trinasolar Blue Lettering (7 Layers)
160 Paper Partition 35*54 Exclusive Use for Hanwha’s Anti-static Box
161 Paper Partition 49*27
162 Paper Partition 49*42   REC 029G Exclusive Use
163 Paper Corner Protector 50*50*5*100
164 Self-adhesive Label Paper 80*30*1000
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