Announcement of the 8th "Tongling Cup" Speech Contest of Tongling Electric


 Activity plan of the 8th "Tongling Cup" Young Staff Speech Contest

There is a saying in Huainan Zi's Military Training that goes like this: If a thousand people are of one mind, they will gain the strength of a thousand; That is to say, no matter how many people, if their hearts do not think in one place, and their energy is not directed in one place, their strength will not be great. So how should we correctly handle the relationship between the individual and the collective? Please combine the above viewpoints, write your own manuscript, talk about your own experience, and participate in this speech contest.

1. Content and time of speech contest:

1. Content: The theme is not the same as the title. Please combine the theme and create your own title. The content requirements are positive and the form is not limited. Please express your opinions or offer suggestions based on the actual situation, and do not plagiarize online or talk off-topic. In addition, self-recommendation is required to select a host of the competition, and fluent Mandarin is required.

2. Time: Late May, 2018 (The specific time and arrangement will be notified separately. All departments of each center will report the contestants to the management center before May 9, and submit the electronic file of the speech before May 15)

3. Location: seminar room on the second floor of the administrative building

4. Participant: At least one employee should be recommended by each center and department, aged 20-45 years old.

5. Judges: Special guest judges, relevant leaders of the company

6. Participants: each center has spare time management personnel

7. Rewards: one first prize, 500 yuan; two second prizes, 300 yuan; three third prizes, 100 yuan, speech contest host, 100 yuan, and several commemorative awards. The winning contestants will be presented with certificates and bonuses on the spot, and excellent manuscripts will be displayed in the publicity column.

2. Activity process:

The first stage: publicity stage

The heads of each center held a briefing to promote and mobilize, and encouraged the majority of employees to actively sign up for the competition. The heads of each department implemented the specific registration matters, and the management center was responsible for organizing services and coordinating arrangements.

The second stage: essay selection

(1) Requirements for contestants and manuscripts

1. A healthy image, natural and dignified manner, can reflect the good looks of psychic workers

2. Clear articulation, standard Mandarin

3. Strong speaking ability and appeal

4. The theme is prominent, active and healthy, and has a good public opinion orientation

(2) All departments of each center go to the management center to register for the competition, report the names of the contestants to Yang Jie before May 9, and submit the electronic file of the article to Yang Jie before May 15. The general manager's office, the general party branch and the trade union jointly selected outstanding works for guidance and participated in the speech contest.

Stage 3: Speech Contest

(1) Competition session

1. Time: In principle, about 3 minutes, the longest should not exceed 5 minutes, and points will be deducted as appropriate.

2. Material selection: the subject matter is enough, the form is not limited, and the creativity will be added as appropriate.

3. Soundtrack: Soundtrack is available, the music and content should be coordinated, and a USB flash drive is provided.

4. In principle, contestants are required to leave the manuscript and bring their manuscripts to the stage to deduct points as appropriate.

(2) Scoring Criteria

A judging committee will be set up for this competition to make objective and fair judgments on the players' performance. The scoring criteria are as follows:

1. Speech content (30%): The theme is prominent, the content is real and touching, and the structure is complete and clear.

2. Language expression (30%): Standard Mandarin, loud and clear voice, organic coordination of intonation and speed with speech content, organic combination of voice and emotion, etc.

3. Speech expression (10%): The expression is natural and organically combined with the content, the voice is full of emotion, the appeal is strong, and the movements and gestures are just right.

4. Appearance (10%): The appearance is dignified, the clothes are neat and generous, and the etiquette is paid attention to.

5. Others (20%): time control, entry and exit, unscripted, speech effects, creativity and related content.

At the end of the contestant's speech, the judges will show the score on the spot, and the staff will calculate the average score given by the judges as the final score of the contestant.

3. Division of labor arrangements

Organization and coordination: He Hui, Tian Yaofen

Venue Organization: He Hui, Tian Yaofen, Wang Jie, Yuan Fang

Host of the event: To be selected

Judges: The specific list is to be determined

Summary: Yang Jie

Sound: Wang Jie

Photographer: Yuan Mei

4. The process of hosting the competition:

1. Before the competition, the contestants will draw the competition number

2. The host introduces the judges

3. The host briefly introduced the scoring criteria for this competition

4. Give speeches according to the serial number, and the judges will give points on the spot

5. From the end of the third contestant's speech, show the total score and make comments

6. Awards ceremony

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