The Tongling Electric team participated in the 2nd "Rongdexing the World 'Yue' Running through the Development Zone" Happy Running Competition


"Rongdexing the World 'Yue' Running through the Development Zone" Happy Running Competition

On the morning of May 5, 2018, under the leadership of Captain Mao Libiao, the Tongling Electric team participated in the "Rongde Travels the World, Joy Runs Economic Development Zone" jointly organized by the Federation of Trade Unions of Zhenjiang Yangzhong Economic Development Zone and Rongde and other enterprises and institutions In the 5km obstacle course, the team members Li Qiujun, Fu Yuling, Li Kangkang, Cai Xuemei, Chen Ping and colleagues braved the heavy rain and never gave up to cross various obstacles, and finally won the "Best Organization Award" and the ranking of the team competition in the fierce competition. .

Mr. Li Qianjin, President and CEO of Tongling Electric, also encouraged colleagues to work hard and make persistent efforts, and the company will also reward them at the same time. At the same time, he encouraged everyone to continue to carry forward the psychic spirit of hard work and never giving up.

The following is a glimpse of the competition and the introduction of the competition activities.












5km: Start from Gate 1 of the Garden Expo Park, go around the outer circle of the park to Gate 3 to enter the Garden Expo Park, circle around the park to Gate 5 and enter the outer circle, then circle the outer circle to the end of the competition, the whole journey is 5km.

10km: After running 5km, repeat the previous route again.

  registration time

From now until April 26 (this Thursday)

Time is running out, don't blame me for not reminding you

  ways of registration

Enterprises, institutions and villages (communities): All units will count the information of applicants, and send them to the district trade union 59482899@qq.com.

Activity object

Rongde employees and employees of enterprises, institutions and villages (communities) in the Economic Development Zone

(This year's scale is even bigger)

next look

What's so fun about this Joy Run competition?

Activity process

All participating units will receive number bibs and running clothes at the Economic Development Zone Federation of Trade Unions on May 2;

May 5th at 7:00 a.m. All staff are in place

On May 5th, 8:30-8:45am, the contestants will gather to sign in

Opening on May 5th at 9:00 am

May 5th, 11:00-11:30 am Closing (awarding ceremony)

  rule of activity

This Joy Running Contest is organized in groups. Each team is limited to 5 members. Teams are randomly formed. The team's score is based on the last member of the team to pass the finish line. The project is set to 5km and 10km. On the way, interesting interactive levels will be set up to interact with the participants. Each level will be stamped and punched in. Those who participate in the 10km project will challenge the level in the second lap, and finish the journey to the finish line. De Yue Run Commemorative Badge".

fun level

01 Variety of shapes

Every time a contestant passes through this place, according to the requirements of the staff, they need to put on a designated shape (for example, only 3 feet and 2 hands in contact with the ground, etc.), and the shape meets the requirements before they can pass.

02 Fingerboard skipping rope

When the contestants pass here, the team members stand in a row on the acupressure board, each member on both sides holds one end of the skipping rope, and the other members stand in the middle.

03 Crossing the Hula Hoop

Arriving at this level, first one player turns the hula hoops in total 5, the other players stand in a row hand in hand, and then the members who complete the hula hoop return to the team holding the hula hoop, on the premise that each player does not let go, Use any method to pass the hula hoop through the entire team, and then pass it back to the original player in the reverse direction, and then you can pass this level.

04 Endpoint Persistence is Victory

All the runners who reach the finish line will receive the "Rongde 2nd Joy Run Commemorative Badge" here, and then gather in the square to participate in the awards and take pictures.

  prize settings

According to the ranking of the participating teams, 12 group awards will be set up, and the leaders will present the awards on the spot to encourage them.

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